Moving from strength to strength

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Moving from strength to strength

A lot has happened in the past year.

In such a short space of time, 2023 has delivered a new Eurosafe brand, an industry-leading event and our members have grown by three. So, we thought it was important to sit down with the team and some of our new Eurosafe members to reflect on how far we’ve come, what made it possible and what’s next.

A new look to reflect our position in the industry

With the aim to raise Eurosafe’s profile in the PPE market and strengthen our profile as a group of leading specialists, we undertook a complete brand overhaul.

We know a thing or two about standing out in the workplace with appropriate hi-vis. But the Eurosafe brand lacked that same stand out. By collaborating with our marketing agency, Lane, we decluttered and simplified the existing brand.

Image of 'In with the new brand'

Eurosafe now has a clean, modern and easily recognisable identity – one that’s distinctive enough to sit alongside our member brands while the bolder and brighter look resonates with our collective values and vision. And as with everything we do, we ensured that all members were on board with the changes so that the brand could now evoke a sense of pride.

“When I first joined in 2021, we were the industry’s best-known secret. My job is to move Eurosafe forward every day. We’ve challenged the brand and made it fit for the future.”
Andrew Egerton, Commercial Director, Eurosafe

An event that had all the pluses

We then put our new brand straight to work with an industry-leading event.

Eurosafe+ did what seemed impossible after years of online communication between people with hectic schedules – it got everyone in the same room at the same time, in person.

Over two days, all 16 Eurosafe members and 50 of our suppliers shared the latest innovations, insights and knowledge.

Image of the Eurosafe+ event

Eurosafe isn’t just a PPE business. It’s a people business. And our Eurosafe+ event demonstrated just that.

“It’s the people that make Eurosafe. There’s so much that we can learn from each other. Each person adds to the room and they all care.”
Andrew Egerton, Commercial Director, Eurosafe

A growing group of specialists

This year, we’ve added three exciting new members to Eurosafe.

Selectequip, Concept Products Ltd and Lloyd & Jones Engineers Ltd all bring a unique perspective and offering to the group and were attracted by the variety of benefits and opportunities that joining brings to their business and customers.

In terms of numbers, they speak for themselves. During initial conversations we can take a business’s supplier spend and run it through rebates. But it doesn’t end there. There are also the benefits from improved price files, better payment terms and better minimum orders.

“Eurosafe are proactive in working with their supply base and looking at how they can improve things for us and our customers. For us, it was an easy win. PPE wasn’t a core product, but it’s now a huge opportunity within our existing customer base.”
David Lester, Sales Director, Lloyd & Jones Engineers Ltd

The connections of Eurosafe were another major draw for our latest members. Access to a bigger range of suppliers is invaluable for those members who are independent and family-run. But also, being able to lean on and learn from other members not only helps improve businesses’ offerings, but allows them to pass on the latest knowledge and innovation to customers – everyone wins.

“In other groups, it feels like everyone is out for themselves. I love the fact that in Eurosafe, although members are technically in opposing businesses, you can see how everyone is there to collaborate.”
Ben Dunevein, Managing Director, Concept Products Ltd

Another important element of the relationship for members is that Eurosafe doesn’t get involved in the day-to-day running of their businesses. Our team is just there to negotiate better prices and commercials. We pride ourselves on being able to add value, but importantly, doing it in a nice way.

“It’s refreshing. Ever since our first interaction with Eurosafe, everyone has been easy to deal with. They’re very upfront, open, honest and there’s no hidden agenda or small print.”
Ben Dunevein, Managing Director, Concept Products Ltd

Eurosafe’s recent growth has been carefully considered. The buying group is only as good as the strength of its members, which is why a lot goes into building the right mix where everyone has an equal voice, share, and say in what’s next.

“I appreciate that it’s two-way street. Eurosafe will always perform due diligence, making sure you’re a sound business and represent the brand well. They’ve got a very clear strategy of what they want to do, how many they want to recruit and in which areas.” 
David Lester, Sales Director, Lloyd & Jones Engineers Ltd

The business model that Eurosafe has is unique. Our role is to challenge our members and they appreciate it because all we’re trying to do is save them money and connect them to better products. More and more, our members are starting to travel to each other’s facilities to learn and see how we can all improve.

“Everyone is working towards the common goal of better terms and a better product range. In any good partnership there should be pluses for each side – that’s the case with Eurosafe.”
Ben Dunevein, Managing Director, Concept Products Ltd

A promising future

The excitement amongst existing and new Eurosafe members is brewing as we continue to prove that collaboration has real value in the PPE industry.

“Espro is getting everyone in the group excited. We believe that through our combined knowledge and real-life experience, we have created an own-brand range that delivers improvements and offerings that make our products better fit for the needs of today.”
Andrew Egerton, Commercial Director, Eurosafe

Growth is also still very much on the agenda, but when it comes to new members, they have to be sure we’re right for them and all existing members have to be sure they’re right for us. We believe that we’re building something special – something that has to have the right member ingredients. Because together, we’re stronger.

“Our vision is to get to 25 members. Come and talk to us. There’s nothing to be lost with a conversation.”
Andrew Egerton, Commercial Director, Eurosafe

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