Hearing loss is one of the most common occupational illn­­esses experienced around the world. That’s why it is vital to ensure that you are using the right protective products.

Hearing protection solutions

Every day, millions of workers are exposed to noisy working conditions. Almost 25% of them will suffer from long-lasting hearing impairment. 3M and Eurosafe recognise this problem.

Together, we want to offer you better insight into this issue. With the right tools to help you implement an effective hearing conservation program, and better understanding of the regulatory needs, you can select the right hearing protection solutions for your workers.

Regulatory updates

There has been an update to EN352:2020, the family of standards which include performance requirement standards and test methods for covering many types of hearing protectors, including passive and electronic hearing protection devices.

You may have some questions about the changes, like the ones below:


What do I need to know about EN352 and the regulatory update?


What are the main changes and how is that affecting how you’ll see the data?


What factors do I need to consider when selecting hearing products?


How can I easily find a hearing protection solution that fits my needs?

You can get a rundown of the changes and all the impacts they may have on your buying decisions in our expert interview with Steven Ellis, Senior Applications Engineer, Hearing & Communications Solutions.

To delve more into the topic, you can use the resources below.

Helpful downloads

Expert hearing protection interview

Eurosafe speaks to Steve Ellis, 3M Application Engineer, as he guides us through what the EN352 changes are and discuss the various elements that buyers should keep in mind.

In the spotlight with Katherine Smith

Read Eurosafe’s interview with Katherine Smith, Hearing Protection Portfolio Manager with 3M, as she discusses the latest changes to hearing protection safety standards.

Technical Bulletin 1

Download 3M’s Technical Bulletin for an explanation of the EN352:2020 Regulatory Updates. The bulletin includes what the changes are, why the changes are being made, what you need to do and more.

Technical Bulletin 2

For further explanations of the EN352:2020 Regulatory Updates, download the 3M Technical Bulletin. Here you’ll find more detail on understanding the acoustic performance of hearing protectors.

Technical Bulletin 3

Download the latest Regulatory Updates Bulletin from 3M – EN 352:2020 Family of Standards Further Explained.  Understanding the Importance of Approved Compatibility with Named Accessories.

3M Hear For Life

Download 3M’s Hear for Life infographic which details the different types of hearing protection and what to consider when choosing your hearing protection.


The following webinars are hosted by Steven Ellis, Application Engineer for the 3M Hearing and Communication product portfolio in UK and Ireland. 

Read our brief overviews before registering to view.

Webinar – Regulatory updates EN 352:2020 Hearing Standards

Image of a a man wearing protective head and eyewear
What to expect…

Did you know that EN 352 has recently undergone its periodic revision process?

European Hearing Personal Protective Equipment used to control exposure to harmful noise needs to be CE approved against the PPE Regulation 2016/425 (EU). This is typically done by testing the hearing protector against relevant parts of the Harmonised European Standard, EN 352.

This webinar will cover the following key points:

  • Outline of the development of hearing protection standards.
  • Why standards undergo periodic revision.
  • Summary of the new revised standard.
  • Outline of how attenuation testing is carried out.
  • Explanation of differences in reporting test results.
  • Highlight some resources where you can learn more.

Webinar – How to Prevent Noise Induced Hearing Loss at your Workplace

Image of a a man wearing protective head and eyewear
What to expect…

Whilst some hearing loss may be attributed to ageing or side effects of certain medical treatment, the vast majority of hearing loss cases are associated with occupational or recreational related activities. The good news is that both recreational and occupational hearing loss is totally preventable.

This webinar will cover the following key points:

  • Magnitude and effects of hearing loss.
  • Early signs of hearing loss.
  • Impact on our everyday life – both at work and leisure.
  • How 3M can help safeguard and protect your hearing for life.

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